All companies start, something, all of the time, each and every day. They start in business, a new campaign, new projects, with new ideas. To Commence is “to have or make a beginning.” (Merrian-Webster). The intent stated differently is: to begin, embark, enter into, get off, kick off, launch, lead off, open, start. All companies young and old commence every single day. This is everything Acommence Advisors’ value proposition resonates, the start, the race, the beginning, whether it is a brand new entity or mature program needing reinvigoration, re-launch of ideas, processes and/or events that will drive your organization to the end goal, faster and cost effectively.

Acommence Advisors, Inc., a technology industry consultancy focused on business acceleration and velocity generation for start-up and mature organizations. With deep roots in the Mobile, Network, Communications and Systems Integration arena, Acommence Advisors is focused on Sales, Strategy, Research and Analysis, Innovation and Ideation, Business Development and Strategic Alliance growth and support driving business velocity. The firm’s foremost goals are helping organizations and businesses develop strategic plans around utilization, ROI and TCO calculations, revenue generation, sales rationalization and deployment strategies with services including; revenue generation and sales strategy, market analysis, organizational and product design and ideation, systems provisioning, cost containment, program construction, deployment and operation plans to introduce Social, Mobility, IT, Communication platforms that forward the organization’s business mission and value proposition.

With new technologies impacting the enterprise, Acommence Advisors staff has driven initiatives such as: mHealth, mEducation, SFA, FFE & mBusiness as well as Mobile Payment/Commerce, Mobile Security, Social Media and M2M/Sensor strategies for Smart Devices, (Smartphones & Tablets), and Wearable Computing platforms, (Glassed, Watches, Biometric Sensors, Apparel…). Additionally, we have been dedicated to the integration aspect of the ecosystem including technologies such as mobile platforms and middleware, backend integration to ERP and CRP deployments, virtualization, hypervisor, container, VPN and security schema as well as API, SDK, and integration management.

Additionally, acting as strategic business coaches for startup companies and reinvented mature organizations alike, Acommence Advisors works with Carriers, ISV's, TEMS providers, Consulting Organizations and System Integrators regarding go to market strategies, market position, market dynamics, alliance integration and market penetration solutions.

At Acommence Advisors, our goal is simple; we are enabling organizations to rapidly drive strategy and positively affect their business performance in a changing world.

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