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Organizations can take direction from a number of people and places. Sometimes, gatherings of diverse groups together with facilitated guidance assist you in growing your business value to levels that have not yet been achieved. There are times when you want to tap a bunch of smart people, whether they be industry peers, your best customers, business leaders, or independent thinkers, to have them help you develop the proper product or message. Sometimes you want to assemble a team of industry experts to change the way you are doing things today.

Acommence Advisors, Inc. has the contact list to help you build the proper advisory team to help you accomplish your goal, from a one-off focus group to refine messaging ahead of a product introduction to a group of executives to give your entire enterprise direction. Our years of experience with boards and advisors places the strategic position whereas we can assist you in gathering creating and facilitating these meetings in order to drive business velocity and topline acceleration.
  • Technical Boards
    • Acommence will help you reach a wide audience of technical experts that can help you ensure that your products and services are validated and feasible. We will help you build a team of advisors to guide you through the nuts and bolts of product development.
  • Industry Specific Boards
    • Acommence can pull together groups of industry-specific executives across all business functions to help you confirm your strategies for a given target market. We will help you make sure that your products and services have a place in your chosen vertical markets.
  • Marketing Boards
    • Acommence will build a group of advisors to help you best position your offerings in your target markets. We can help you test and refine your messaging and marketing ideas with potential customers.

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