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You have the right product for the market and the right people in place, yet revenue lags projections and forecasts which in turn makes management team and/or shareholders uneasy. Questions abound; should you hire more people, what roles to hire, should you build a channel or direct sales organization? Additionally you question whether your structure allows your people to do their jobs, your methods of attaining leads the size of your funnel and pipeline, close ratios, strategic contacts and access to market how to we get more?

At Acommence Advisors, Inc., our team has been successfully generating and closing sales opportunities across the technology landscape for over thirty years. Our spotlight is purely on technology firms thus providing a laser-focused view of the best ways to approach enabling your value proposition. We can help you build the proper structure, augment your current capabilities, provide strategic and tactical support, engage in targeted campaigns using traditional and social methodologies while augmenting your existing personnel, and focus on turning your prospects into customers. Additionally while engaged, Acommence Advisors, Inc. can review your current methodologies, staff, sales strategies, and tactics, proposing alternative processes that will increase the velocity of your go to market goals and objectives.

Our methodologies can be instituted on project, recurring, retained and/or permanent basis. Our support structure includes business development, strategic contacts and introductions, social and traditional sales campaigns; passive or active lead generation as well as full outsourced sales capabilities. Our value proposition is simple, we believe that our services will drive twice the sales for half the cost as opposed to starting from a flat baseline and building there on.

Our experience will drive velocity to your sales efforts and accelerate your results. Our industry contacts will advantage your products in the marketplace to achieve twice the success in half the time. Our capabilities are well documented with long and distinguished tracking, and as we utilize only experienced professionals, we have high confidence that Acommence Advisors Inc. will indeed profoundly impact your topline.
  • Structures Plan to Drive Sales
    • Acommence will work with your people to accelerate revenue. Our staff can augment your teams, reaching more customers while we are building the processes to support your sustained growth.
  • SOW based Achievement Plan
    • Acommence can structure win-win engagements where our teams work with you to meet very specific goals. Together, we will develop and document criteria that ensure mutual success and lead to your future achievement.
  • Pipeline generation / expansion
    • Acommence can work independently of your teams to build a bigger pipeline for your products and services to help expand your market opportunity. We will leverage our expertise to open new markets for you and cut your time to success.
  • Contract Sales Organization
    • Acommence can work as an outside sales resource to help you keep your hiring and personnel costs in check. Our staff can generate and close sales opportunities, allowing you to keep closer tabs on your bottom line while you are entering a new venture.

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