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For-profit companies large and small are common in their primary aim – provide products and services to others in a profitable manner. Throughout the lifecycle of business, whether an organization is a mature entity and/or and emerging entrant into new arenas, solid vision with an eye towards growth is paramount for success. As the day-to-day tasks of operating and delivering business value never cease, refining how your organization sells and goes to market is something that invariably gets pushed to the back burner in many cases.

At Acommence Advisors Inc., we understand the need for refining the go to market message, how to take products and services to their respective consumers and the tactics that must be put in place to propagate a chosen value proposition. There are times when the forest is invisible when looking at trees and fresh perspectives can offer deep value in determining what will drive growth for your organization. We offer an experienced, different viewpoint identifying and vetting the value of sales approach in your chosen market.

The Acommence Advisors, Inc. team has been successfully driving and developing sales organizations and processes for over thirty years. On numerous occasions we have built sales organizations from inception to success with demonstrable results and measurable increases in sales in excess of 1000%. Our track record includes starting sales organizations, taking underperforming sales organizations and remolding them to become highly successful, developing sales engineering organizations, forming impactful business development and strategic alliance functions, important product and brand marketing campaigns and driving multichannel sales engagement concepts using traditional and 21st-century methodologies. We can help you determine your markets, improve your messaging, find your customers, and build your team.

As with all engagements, Acommence Advisors will quickly assess the current state, the market at hand, potential partnership opportunities, and the desired end goal of your organization and with you formulate strategy and the underpinning tactics to fulfill the strategy in order to achieve sales excellence.
  • Value Propositions
    • Acommence can help you craft better ways to engage your customers. We will show you how to write and talk about your products and services in ways that will make your target market want to buy from you.
  • Industry Specific GTM Approaches
    • Acommence understands that different verticals require different tactics. We can help you tailor your messaging and products for each of your targeted industries in the best, most efficient way.
  • Direct Sales Evaluation & Methodologies
    • Acommence can help you see where your existing sales team and processes are strong and where there are opportunities for improvement. We will make recommendations based on our years of success to help you drive more revenue.
  • Indirect Sales Evaluation & Methodologies
    • Acommence will help you determine how to best use alternative channels to drive more customer engagement and higher sales. We will show you how to work with Value-Added Resellers, Systems Integrators, and Partners to increase your sales coverage in a cost-effective manner.
  • Sales Support design
    • Acommence will help you build the proper infrastructure that will allow all of your direct and indirect sales teams to function at their best. We will show you how to implement the proper process, build systems and develop collateral.

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