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Enterprise Mobility is top of mind in the corporate board room today. Whether it's your CMO viewing mobile and social strategies as enablers to garner customer loyalty, your CIO looking to fulfill the requests of his internal clients while maintaining secure access to corporate backend compute systems, your CSO looking to ensure that there is no compromise to corporate IP, or your CEO looking to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace to accelerate topline and bottom-line initiatives to advantage your company; enterprise mobility is a topic that is completely unavoidable today.

There are no questions that your organization knows that you need to mobilize your enterprise with laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart watches, wearable computing platforms and the next great technology. Clearly you understand that mobile computing devices are indeed the window to the cloud, the eyes of big data, and the methodology in which you can garner analytics to ensure that you keep pace with the ever accelerating world of information. The value proposition of Bringing Your Own Device to work (BYOD) on the surface sounds like a good idea, but how do you begin? How do you and your IT team keep on top of the trends? How do you know what kind of hardware and applications you can (and should) give to your workers? How do you make sure that your business is protected while your people are outside the office with access to valuable data? How do you control and manage devices that you own, and moreover how do you ensure that your corporate secrets are secure on the devices that you don't own?

The principals at Acommence Advisors, Inc. have been answering these questions and more for large and small organizations for over a decade. Our staff has been on the forefront of development, thought leadership and market guidance for mobile device manufacturers, mobile operating system and software solution providers, global system integrators and value-added ecosystem partners, championing mobility solutions for enterprises from the earliest stages of adoption to the current pace of business enablement.

Our capabilities in discussing mobile strategy with your organization are deep and well-organized. We have the ability to provide you high level overviews and benchmarks of your current state of mobile readiness as well as the capabilities to drill down into deep contextual reviews of architecture, infrastructure, business use, use case development, enterprise readiness and assessment services as well as the implementation and adoption strategies that are sure to garner success in all global deployments of your solutions and capabilities. We look at enterprise mobility in many matters. We look at user experience which of course is the front end of all successful adoption. We address the middleware layer, which of course is paramount taking the data to and from the mobile device. We detail integration strategies to backend compute systems such as CRM, ERP, SFA, FFE as well as other data stores. Not to be minimized, we look at all design work with security in mind looking at encryption, VPNs, Hypervisors, MDM, MEAP, Container solutions. We designed and mentor schemas that afford organizations the ability to develop robust mobile applications utilizing the latest tools, designed intents (evaluating the benefits of HTML 5 vs. Native OS/SDK vs. Hybrid application development), development tools and capabilities, associate technologies such as NFC, GPS, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Mesh Networks, PANs, Sensors, IR, RFID and other scanning scenarios.

Our goal is simple; we want to help you implement overarching mobile strategies, while helping you map the tactics to achieve your mobile goals and defined the metrics that must be put in place to measure the success of all of your company's mobility deployments.
  • Current State Assessments
    • Acommence can help you document your organization’s mobile readiness. We will look at your existing and planned infrastructure, application architecture and work with management and end users to determine potential advantages and possible limiting factors.
  • Benchmarking
    • Acommence will help you understand where your mobile infrastructure rates compared to your peer group as well as enterprises at large. We will point out areas where you can gain a competitive advantage or where you are potentially losing business.
  • Infrastructure/Application Planning
    • Acommence can help you design your systems to support your current mobile initiatives and future growth. We will make recommendations around hardware, software and services to help you seamlessly improve your services and operations.
  • Management
    • Acommence will help you understand your options around sustaining your mobile initiatives once they have gone live. We will work with you as you decide between hiring a third party to provide services to your users, doing it yourself or a hybrid method.

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